Four Ways A Storage Unit Can Help Your Child In College

While kids in college might be a demographic that is known to keep personal possessions to a minimum, the truth is storage solutions might fall on mom and dad. While this can be workable, sometimes a storage unit within your child's college town might make more sense. Here are four scenarios that might call for a storage unit solution for your child in college.

1. Moving Into a Furnished or Smaller Space

If your child has invested in housewares or furniture in the last few years, they might not want to just give these up. Many times, kids in college will move around quite a bit or end up in a furnished living situation for a few months or a semester. If your child downsizes into a studio apartment for a summer or part of the school year, they might have items they will want in the future and can keep safe nearby in storage.

2. Traveling Over the Summer or Studying Abroad

If your child is making the most of their college years and might spend some time at a different school or in a different country, it might not make sense to get rid of household items that your child owns. These can be easily stored in a storage facility in your child's college town and will be ready for them when they return.

3. Roommate Situations

If your child will be living with roommates, there might be situations where one roommate has a nicer TV or couch. If your child doesn't want to get rid of their own things, storage can help. Storage units can also be a great way to keep items or heirlooms your child cherishes from getting ruined by roommates. These can remain safe in storage until your child lives alone or with others that they trust.

4. Keep Your Kids From Cluttering Your Home

Your child might think that your attic or shed is perfect for items they don't need right now, but will need down the line. If you are worried that you don't have the space or items might get damaged or lost, renting a storage unit in their college town can eliminate this stressful situation. If your child is going to college in another state or even just an hour or away, hauling things back and forth won't make much sense. Renting a storage unit closer to college might be a better option.

College can come with lots of different living situations and what to do with furnishings can be the last thing a child wants to worry about. If your child has invested money in household items, they might need to keep these safe in storage until they are in a more stable living situation. Investing in a storage unit they can use throughout college, like those at American Storage, will give them some breathing room when it comes to moving around and keeping their things safe.