Four Tips For Relocating Your Clothing Shop Quickly And Easily

Relocating a clothing business to a busier part of town can often be great for profits but can sometimes be a hassle for the business owner. If you think outside of the box, there are some great things you can do to make relocating a business as easy as it can possibly be. Learn a few tips for packing up your business to relocate it in the guide that follows.

Keep Hung Clothes on Their Hangers

Unhanging hundreds of pieces of clothing only to have to rehang them when you arrive at your new store can be quite a hassle. Instead, lay a few pieces of clothing flat on a table and wrap them up with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will keep the clothes on the hanger and protect the clothing from getting damaged during the move. When you arrive at the new shop, all you will have to do is cut off the wrap and hang everything on the racks.

Keep Shoes in Boxes

Instead of putting all of the shoes that you sell into a huge bin where they can get scuffed or crushed, put them in the boxes that they arrive in and secure the boxes with electrical tape. The tape will keep the boxes from coming open during the move and is easy to remove when you arrive at your new store because it will not cause any damage to the boxes.

Keep Jewelry from Getting Tangled

Necklaces and bracelets can often become tangled during a move because they are placed in one box or bag together. Instead, use food wrap that is designed to secure onto surfaces on its own to keep the jewelry from becoming tangled. Tear off a piece of the wrap, lay it flat on the table with the sticky side of the wrap facing the ceiling. Lay the jewelry flat on the wrap and then place another piece of the wrap on top of the jewelry and push the two pieces together. The jewelry will not move during the move and can be easily hung by simply separating the two pieces of wrap from one another.

Have the Racks Packed Last

When you are having the items packed, be sure to have all of your racks and displays packed into the moving truck last. This ensures that they are the first thing to come off of the trucks so they can be set up and filled as you unpack the truck when you arrive at your new shop.

If you take these suggestions into consideration, you should be able to move your business quickly and easily. You will be able to quickly set up your new shop so that you can start selling items right away.

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