How To Make Your Move To A Foreign Country A Smooth One

If you are moving to a foreign country, saying that you are having mixed emotions is probably an understatement. Part of you is excited about adventures that are ahead of you as you make new friends, immerse yourself in a new culture, and see sights you've only seen in movies and books. However, part of you might be apprehensive about leaving all that is familiar to you, learning how to function in a foreign language, and having to learn how to handle currency that may be confusing. One thing that should make your move to a foreign country a smooth one is having the peace of mind that your belongings will arrive safely.

The Moving Company - Is your company moving you? If so, you've got it made. If you are moving yourself, there are some things that are important for you to know. Choose a moving company that specializes in international transfers. The professionals at the moving company will be familiar with all the rules and regulations that have to be met when your belongings arrive at your new location. You will probably have to provide a list of the things that you are shipping, including the value of your belongings.

Be sure to make a copy of that list for your own records and keep it with you until you are settled in your new home. The moving company will handle your belongings with kid gloves. If you have delicate figurines, antiques, artwork or anything else that requires special handling, the professionals at the moving company will know just how to pack those items. For example, if you are taking framed paintings with you, those paintings will be carefully wrapped and then placed in crates that will exactly fit them. In case of damage or loss, your belongings will either be repaired, replaced, or you will be paid full value for them. That's when you'll be very glad you kept a list of the things you're packing.

Moving Day - Give each member of the family his or her own suitcase or backpack. Pack those things that are essential for you to have with you. Besides clothing and personal items, it's very important for you to pack all of your medications. Be sure they are in the container they came in, as they may be checked at the border. Another good idea is to take a special suitcase with linens that you will need right away. Having your own sheets will simply be comforting when you are spending your first nights in your new home. Also, bring a photo album with pictures of things and people that you hold dear.

Encourage each of your family to keep a journal from the time you start packing and then through the time you spend in your new country. Those journals will become treasures over the years.

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