Refuting Two Myths About Moving To A New Home

There are few experiences that can be more exciting and stressful than moving into a new home. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for individuals to make mistakes during these moves that can cause the experience to be more stressful than necessary. If you have limited experience with moving to a new home, you can help avoid some common mistakes by making sure to know the truth behind the following couple of misconceptions.

Myth: It Is Best To Have Your Friends Help You Move

It is no secret that moving can be a very expensive task for you to do, and it is common for some people to attempt to cut costs by simply having their friends help with moving these possessions. While it is true that this will save you from hiring movers, it can prove to be a far more expensive option. This occurs because your friends will lack liability insurance, which means that you will be fully responsible for paying for any damages that occur to your possessions. Also, you may find yourself liable for any injuries that your friends suffer. Due to these reasons, you should always make sure to retain the services of professional movers.

Myth: Movers Will Be Able To Transport Any Of Your Possessions

While it is true that movers will be able to handle the vast majority of your possessions, you should be aware that there are some items that they simply cannot transport. This will often include hazardous materials like oil, fertilizers and other highly flammable substances. Additionally, many moving services will be unable to transport your pets or plants. This is the case because the temperature in the back of the truck can reach extremely high temperatures. If you have pets or plants that you are needing to transport, you will need to use a mover that has trucks equipped with air conditioned areas where pets and plants can be secured.

Moving into a new home can be a difficult task for you to go through because there may be an almost endless number of tasks for you to do. Knowing the dangers of having your friends move your possessions and that there are some items standard moving services cannot handle will help you to have a better understanding about what you should anticipate from retaining these services for your next move. This will help to ensure that your moving experience is as problem-free as possible for you and your family. 

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