Details To Investigate Before Leasing A Storage Unit

If you are moving into a space with your significant other and you worry that there isn't going to be enough room for your stuff, you want to look into mini storage options. If you don't need a full size unit, just enough space for boxes, sports equipment or other areas, a mini storage option is perfect. 

Not all of the storage facilities are the same when it comes to security. You want to choose the unit you lease carefully. Here are some key characteristics to look for when deciding on a facility. 

Cylinder Locking Options 

Some storage facilities have you bring your own padlock to use to lock up your items, but this isn't a safe option. Padlocks can be removed by a thief with a pair of bolt cutters from the hardware store, which means your items aren't very safe. Cylinder locks on the doors of the units are the most ideal, along with key pad boxes. Find out in advance before you go to the facility. 

Inquire about Cameras

A facility that uses around the clock video cameras to monitor what is going on will deter thrives. If there are signs posted warning everyone that whatever they do it will be monitored, people will be less likely to perform inappropriate or malicious behavior. 

Ask for Insurance 

The storage facility should offer their tenants an insurance option when they sign the lease, which means your items will be covered if they are ruined, damages or stolen. If they don't have a policy you can obtain when you lease the unit, talk with your current insurance provider to see how much a policy will cost. It's worth having the coverage in case something happens and you have valuable items stored inside the unit. 

If you aren't sure how long you'll need to store the items, you shouldn't have to sign a long term lease. Sometimes it can be cheaper to sign a long term lease, or if you pay for the amount of months you need the unit in advance. You can check with the local police department to see if there have been any recent reports filed against the facility, or if there have been reported burglaries. A storage facility can prevent you from having to get rid of your items and you can hold on to everything until you have the space. Find a faculty you can afford and trust. To learn more, contact a storage company like Santa Monica Mini Storage