Innovative Ways To Utilize Storage Unit Space

Using a storage unit rental is a wonderful way to keep your items protected if you do not have room for them in your home. Most people associate the use of a storage unit with rows or piles of cardboard boxes and furniture. While this normally what people use the space for, there are a few other ways a storage unit could be utilized to be helpful in your life. Here are a few fun ways to use storage unit space.

Create A Reading Hideaway

If you are a book collector, you may want to move some of them to a storage unit to read in your leisure in a quiet location. Books can be stored vertically inside cardboard boxes so they do not become bent, or on a metal bookshelf right in your storage unit. Avoid a wood shelf as this can emit acid that could damage your reading materials. Place a chair or couch near the boxes or bookshelf and use the space to comfortably read without interruption. You can purchase a battery-powered lamp to keep nearby for nighttime excursions.

Store Your Wine Collection

Those who enjoy collecting wine may benefit from additional space to keep their precious liquor. If your home wine cellar is getting full, consider continuing your collection inside a storage unit. Make sure the unit you rent is climate controlled so you can keep your wine around 55 °F for quality purposes. Place some cedar balls in your storage unit to help keep humidity levels down. Your wine will fare well in a unit as there is no direct lighting until you take a visit to select a bottle to consume.

Release Your Creative Side

If you enjoy painting or sketching, you can use your storage unit to create masterpieces. A storage unit is a great spot to reflect and allow creative energy flow. Set up an easel and keep your paints or pencils inside a nearby plastic storage container for easy access. Store any paper, parchment, or canvas flat between two pieces of cardboard so it does not curl if conditions in your unit become humid. 

If you prefer to write, keep a few journals and plenty of writing utensils in a cardboard box, plastic storage tub, or desk drawer to use when you feel like putting words to paper. Make sure you have comfortable seating regardless of the artistic endeavor you wish to divulge in. Your finished products can be stored in your unit, safe from any scrutiny until you decide to share your work with others. 

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