How To Best Utilize A Storage Unit For Your Small Business

If you have a booming small business that is beginning to outgrow space in your home, your next step might be renting out a storage space to keep excess inventory. This way your business items will be safe and still accessible. Here are four tips for best utilizing a storage space for your small business.

1. Creating Access to Your Inventory

Before you start bringing your business-related items to a storage facility for safekeeping, spend a little time mapping out how you would like to organize your space first. If you can set this up in a way that can save you time, it is a good idea to do this from day one. Incorporate shelving to keep items off the ground and easier to access. Try to put different items in specific areas so items aren't misplaced, such as space for inventory, materials, and shipping components.

2. Properly Store All Items

If your business-related items have gotten jumbled in your home, it might be time to get these contained and labeled so that items don't go missing or get damaged. If your inventory is made up  smaller pieces or components, invest in sturdy, plastic bins that these can be stored in. Cardboard boxes can be great for moving, but can deteriorate over time and might shift in storage, inadvertently causing damage to your things.

3. Ensure You Have a Staging Area

Be sure to rent out a storage unit that can accommodate a small table and will allow you to step into your unit. While you won't be doing business out of your storage unit, you might find that having a space to organize items can be a big help. A staging space for inventory coming in and  wrapping items up to ship out right in your unit will save you time and keep you focused on the task at hand.

4. Be Sure Your Unit is Climate-Controlled

Whether you are selling collectibles, renting out event-related items, or selling hand-crafted gifts, your inventory is most likely the lifeblood of your business. Be sure to pick a storage facility that has access to individual temperature controls so that your items won't warp or crack in extreme heat or cold.

If your business is growing, this should be seen as a good thing instead of an intrusion to your home. If you can rent out a storage unit to help with excess inventory, you can continue to grow while having a safe, organized place for all business-related items. Contact a business, such as Koch St Mini Storage, for more information.