2 Questions You Should Ask A Potential Moving Company

Moving can be a lot of work and can be very stressful. That is why many people choose to hire a moving company to help with all the physical labor of the move. This is a great idea and can greatly diminish the amount of work you will need to do to get your house packed up and moved. However, before you hire any moving company, it is important that you ask some questions to make sure they are the right company for you. Here are some things you should ask.

1. Do You Charge By Size Or Weight?

Each moving company will have different ways that they charge for their services. It will make a big difference on your cost, and what you choose to keep depending on if they charge by the pound or by the size. For instance, you might be able to order a 26ft truck and fill it to the brim with all of your stuff. If you have lots of heavy things, like oak furniture and a piano, this may be the best bet for you.

However, in some cases the moving company will charge per pound. This option doesn't factor in how much area the belongings take up, just how much they weigh. If you have lots of stuff, but that stuff is light, this would be the best route for you.

2. Are There Any Extra Fees?

Every moving company is going to have extra fees; that is why it is better to ask up front, rather than be surprised later. If you don't know what you are paying for up front, then you could easily go over budget without even trying to.

Some of the extra fees tat they might have are heavy lifting, like lifting things such as pianos, heavy furniture, and so forth. Another fee may be for long distance; if you are moving cross-country, they might charge per mile, compared to inner city moves. If you are moving into an apartment and they have to park far away or go up and down stairs, they might ask for additional costs. And lastly, they may have extra fees for all of the packaging materials. This can really add up since you may need a lot of boxes, bubble wrap and tape to get all of your things safely moved.

By asking these questions up front, you can be confident that you are hiring the right moving company for you. 

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