Preparing Your Pinball Machine For Transport To Your New Home

If you have a classic pinball machine in your possession and you are in the process of preparing your belongings to be transported to a new home, you will want to take the necessary steps in prepping your arcade game so it will not become damaged while in transit. Since this type of equipment is on the larger side and weighs a few hundred pounds, having a moving company handle the move is best. Here are some steps you can take to get the machine ready for its ride on a moving truck.

Take Photographs First

Before you disassemble your machine, take photographs of it from each angle. Get closeups of any wires or hardware you need to remove as you start the disassembling process so you will be able to put your pinball machine back together properly by using the photos as a guide. These photos can double as proof of the pinball machine's condition should it accidentally break while in the care of the moving company.

Take Care Of The Head Box

The back portion of your pinball machine is usually where the scores are presented. In older machines, this head box section will need to be unbolted from the machine. You will need to disassemble any wiring connecting this piece to the bulk of the machine so the pieces can separate in their entirety.

Newer pinball machines have a clasp at the back of the head box section allowing you to fold this piece forward so it rests upon the base. If you have a machine with a folding feature, use a large cushioned comforter to place in between the base and the back piece to help protect the glass while in transit.

Remove The Legs And Loose Parts

If you decide to remove the legs to your machine to save room in the truck for other items, you will need to locate the bolts keeping them in place. Some pinball machines will have them out in the open, making it easy for them to be removed. Other machines will require you to unbolt the legs from the inside of the machine. This is done by releasing a locking mechanism located under the coin door on your machine. You will then be able to slide the glass on this piece out of the grooves, exposing the innards of the machine. 

Grab any balls and other loose parts and wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them. Lift up the playing field to get to the bolts keeping the legs in place. It is a good idea to place these bolts in a plastic sandwich bag to keep with the other loose pieces. Wrap each leg individually in bubble wrap and tape it in place.

Protect The Machine 

Wrap each piece of your pinball machine in a large comforter or blanket to help protect it from scratches or scrapes while in the moving truck. Use duck tape to keep this cushioning in place. When the machine is placed in the truck, ask the driver to keep other heavy items away from it so it is at less risk of an accidental break. Many companies will provide customers with large cardboard boxes for an extra fee if they are unable to find some on their own. Place the pinball machine pieces inside boxes along with the cushioning for additional protection.

When it comes to moving companies, San Diego CA and other cities typically have many options. Make sure you talk to several companies and select the one that's going to do the best job of moving your pinball machine.